I love that! 2017-02-20

Waste not, want not, I always say.

I am a re-purposer, a re-gifter.  Yah, I said it. I’m someone who thinks every thing is something that can be used later. I think as soon as I get rid of that, I’m going to wish I hadn’t. You’d think that my place would look like a hoarder’s house, but remarkably, it does not. I have lots of things and a cabinet full of glass treasures, but we can still live comfortably in our house that holds so many years of memories and stuff.  I think things sitting around give the place personality. Less is more is not necessarily a mantra for which I susbscribe. There’s plants, and figurines, and autographed baseballs, and a book or two, and little things tucked away here and there. Each and every bauble has a meaning to me, whether it belonged to my mother or grandmother or I found it at a local garage sale. I have it because I like it. I’m not married to the idea of stuff everywhere, I just kind of like it. I like a distracted eye. If the place is too stark, it looks very clean and comfortable, but it’s not homey comfy to me. If something has to be put away in a drawer or a closet then it must not be that important. As the great Barry Manilow says at all his concerts (the ones I’ve been to anyway), “Use the good china.” Taking care of precious items and spiriting them away so you don’t enjoy them makes no real sense to me.

I don’t have collections of any one particular thing, I just like the homeyness that comes with happy memories. If that is wrong, I don’t want to be right.

Sorry, kids, after I pass I know you’ll have stuff to weed through, but just remember, your Mom and possibly your Grandma and Great Grandma loved whatever that is you are holding in your hand. It’s not junk. It’s really not. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and for whatever reason at the time it was beautiful to me… Sandy

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