America, I Get You! 2017-02-06

America. It kind of rolls off your tongue. America is still a new concept as far as world history goes. It’s just a baby, and like all babies, it is a divinely created,  beautiful, smart, ever changing, precious, loving, kind, and a happy place. With that said it can also be a whiny, temperamental, shitty, puking, angry, red-faced, crying out, ornery bundle of complexity.  We attempt to do our best without ultimately screwing things up.

We love it when its grand, and we love it when it’s ugly because we love it unconditionally. We may not always like it, but we do love it. Patriotism of a country is similar to love of a child. The United States of America is like your family. There’s many you like, some you don’t, a few you have never visited, but you’re there if they need you. It’s a mixed bag of tricks, but it’s ours, and we continue to appreciate the good stuff and work to eliminate and root out the bad.

Just as parents all have different ideas on how to raise their children, citizens have differences in how they feel their country should be run.  Ultimately though we want it to be safe, well fed, goodhearted, educated, solvent, self-supporting, compassionate, empathetic, independent, neighborly, forward thinking, respectful, stands up for itself and what it believes to be just and right, and fervently protective of its freedoms.

My hope for America going forward is that it strives to be the best it can be. That it remains open to new ideas, respects old ideas, evolves, is open-minded, and comes together for the love of the child many times just agreeing to disagree. Be a watchdog, be a voice, vote your conscience, be involved. Be a good parent and cherish what you have… Sandy

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