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Retired data analyst married 40+ years with 3 children, 3 grandchildren, a cat, and is a backyard gardener maintaining a registered National Wildlife Habitat who loves flowers particularly roses.

‘Tis the Season

Hello. I have been absent from writing much the past several months. These have been chaotic times not only personally but globally.. My light and proverbial musings just seemed to be frivolous in these serious times.

I am penning this from my comfy cozy bed with our sweet cat snuggled lovingly against my leg. The air today was crisp and the sun shone brightly like it was it’s job today. There are people out and about shopping for presents for their friends and family, lunches out with the girls, Star Wars Last Jedi opened to large crowds in theaters, holiday light displays are being turned on all over town, present deliveries were being dropped off to those less fortunate by volunteers, baking heavenly treats that make the holiday special, get-togethers with co-workers to wrap up year-end accomplishments, church services paying homage to the reason for the season, off-key caroling, and everything under the sun in preparation for the holidays.

Life is continuing to go on in this great country of ours. The conversation over dinner isn’t about politics, it’s about what’s going on with the kids and grandkids, and soliciting help for do-it-yourself projects. There’s making sure the Santa cookies are done, the ornaments collected over 45 years are hanging on the tree, trying to get the lights on the house working correctly, coordinating the snacks and meal settings around limited space. It’s the scent of pumpkin and apple scented candles, poinsettias under the tree, the Nativity in the window. It’s about the normal things that continue to occur and evolve in our everyday lives that makes it worth living.

I am resolved to try to focus less on Washington and the man-made drama, conflict, and turmoil and focus on normal everyday things and the people and things making life worth living.

Blessed holidays to everyone, and I mean EVERYONE! … Sandy