Bad Day! 2016-07-21

BrokenMugBoy, did I have a bad day! Pouring rain, temporary power outage enough to have to reset all the clocks, continue wiping off wet muddy dogs coming in and out of the house, a shattered mug, broke a broom handle when sweeping up the glass, burned a pizza, discovered the phone charger no longer worked, spilled coffee on my shirt, ordered wrong size at Starbucks (I can never remember what they call the biggest size), forgot to change my shoes and showed up at Olive Garden in my old garden clogs, then ran into a friend of my husband’s we hadn’t seen in 20 years looking like a farmhand. Awck! It’s not just me, both my sisters were having problems of their own to deal with. One sister had to have her vehicle towed into the shop, the other was dealing with roommate issues. You know all that annoying stuff that can happen in a day in the life.

Checking social media there’s another superstar feud sucking up all the attention of the populace. Why are we so focused on spoiled, rich, entertainers bad mouthing each other? I’ll tell you why. Because there is the real news. Police shootings, terror attacks, coups, mindless and unprovoked violence among innocents, sex slavery, kidnapping, psychotic murder of children or significant others at the hands of people who were once supposed to care about them, child abuse, thoughtless people leaving their children or pets in an unventilated vehicle causing senseless deaths,–it’s more than any of us just trying to live our lives can comprehend or absorb. This doesn’t even cover the political environment, gun control, crime, drugs, gangs, police brutality, global warming, healthcare, or any of the other millions of social awareness discussions occurring at any given moment. We don’t by and large have answers for the big things so we end up concentrating on and contributing to the small things.

The horror seeps into our souls as if we were being sliced open ourselves. Our raw insides exposed to the world as if we were right there with the victims. How can these things continue to happen? We want to know the truth and what’s going on in the world, but it gives us great discomfort, stress, sadness, and anxiety to be that informed of the constant horrific nonsense happening in the world day after day after day.  We feel we can actually weigh in on the bickering between rivals in the tabloids, whereas, we are in large part helpless to stop the madness constantly happening around us. We feel tabloid talk is something we can actually participate in because we’ve all been on the losing end of an argument or party to obstinate bad-faith targeting by someone else. Sure, we can weigh in on that discussion. How to stop a lone deranged terrorist from driving a big fat truck through a sea of people enjoying  fireworks together, well that’s something we really don’t know how to fix. My take-away from this would be what I always say, “That for which we have no concept, we have no answers.”

We want to be healthy,  well-balanced, and happy in our lives with our families, friends, co-workers, and community. There are always going to be those who feel it’s their personal task to keep that from happening.

Why anyone would wake up in the morning and have this as their checklist for the day is far past what I could ever understand:
1) Brush teeth – check;
2) Make a pot of coffee – check;
3) Eat some yogurt and toast for breakfast – check;
4) Get dressed – check
5) Load up all my weapons and go kill, and destroy as many lives as I can – what?!?

When in the world did number 5 become a common item on a checklist?!?

As a private sector person when I am around a weird-acting loner, my first thought is to isolate myself from them, not find out all I can and report them to authorities. Stopping the madness should be our collective priority, but I believe the trust has been broken in our ability to trust pretty much anyone. Who knows, we may be inviting the one person who will do us the most harm into our inner circle.  How do we know who’s dangerous or who is a loose canon? How can any of us ever really tell? It’s very difficult to protect you and yours from someone or something that has no face, no tangible directive.

Please stay informed, do what you can to minimize your risks, help to spread respect and kindness into the world and let all the petty stuff go. There is more to worry about than two high profile women promoting good will, hard work, and respect. Those things can’t be said enough in my opinion.  Stay above the noise. You can only get sucked into yours or someone else’s petty drama if you allow it… Sandy


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