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ADHD Nation. 2015-12-31

imageI share personal stories and issues important to me through my writing and my blog so I probably don’t have much room to talk here; but, and there’s always a but, modern television  has created a world of constant bombardment of information, advice, events, what you should or shouldn’t do, what you should or shouldn’t eat, how you should or should not act, what you should or should not believe,  what you should or shouldn’t wear, who you should like or love  or shouldn’t like or love. It’s a mad mad obsession. Reality driven and daytime talk is the best and worst of TV all at the same time. There’s restaurants with bad food, chefs with tempers, smokey bars, motorcycle rallies, bikers and biker bars, car guy car shows, face-lifts, rundown hotels, cupcakes made of tuna and brie, lifestyle advice, master classes, honest speak psychoanalysis, doctors with medical info and hacks, people talking, various views, bad girls, beach hook-ups, races around the globe, lumberjacks, fishermen, gold diggers, oilmen, yachters, homesteaders, hunters, wilderness survivors, cops, detectives, 24/7 who done-it murders (the significant other looking for insurance a lot ), jail, prison, matchmakers, psychics, flippers, remodelers, fashion designers, bachelors, housewives that aren’t housewives, dancers, singers, hucksters, home seekers, home improvement, million dollar real estate, dating, breaking up, biographies, nannies, child behavior specialists, interviews, I can’t believe I’m married to this person, what not to wear, family dramas, celebrity hunters, gossip, scrapbooking, crafts, quilting, channels dedicated to hawking their products, diets, extreme exercise, shows that comment on other shows, wrestlers, pop stars, documentaries, on-the-street interviews, pranks, war stories, religion, on and on. Mix that with nonstop news, game shows, soap operas, re-runs, movie channels, prime time dramas and comedies, streaming tv, dvr’s, game consoles, social media (wow, social media!) smart phones, tablets, notebooks, laptops, desktops, and satellite radio there is way more stuff to watch and do nowadays than the 3 scratchy networks we had when I was growing up. Rabbit ears, a tall metal structure on the roof for reception. You had to get up and walk across the room to change the channel. Most shows broadcast in black and white. TV’s had tubes, and many times Dad removed the bad tube, and we would go to the hardware store and get replacements. It took two people just to move the television console. Unless you wanted to watch the afternoon soaps there was no TV during the day except Saturday morning cartoons. I remember our first color TV and the only program in color was Perry Como once a week. There was the Star Spangled Banner preceding the test pattern at midnight. There was no 24-hour anything and that included not only TV, but workplaces, stores, gas stations, or restaurants. What a whirlwind of a world we’ve created. No wonder we all have attention deficit disorder, anxiety, and insomnia. Just unplug and chill out a minute… Sandy