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TV is My Window to the World 2017-05-08

Television is sometimes praised, sometimes maligned, sometimes met with indifference, and sometimes over-valued, but TV is a gift that knows no bounds.

It is our window our the world. I can’t over state that fact. Without it we would be  locked in our own environments without benefit of knowing what life is like outside of them. Yes, there are newspaper and magazines, but can they really do justice to the actual moving picture? From the dumbest situation comedy to the heaviest drama to the hardheadedness of a reality show to the news and current events, not only those happening in our own neighborhoods, but those in other parts of the country and the world as a whole to documentaries about important subjects or other cultures, covering war events, allowing us to watch our favorite sporting events, showing us beautiful parts of landscapes from sandy beaches to towering mountaintops pointing to the  ‘there has to be a God’ higher-power theory, etc. Whatever television brings to our lives it brings us more than what we had just sitting in our own homes or dealing with our family and friends or schools or jobs or whatever. There are countless other things going on in the world, and we can actually experience them in whole or part through TV.

We can decide to tune in or tune out, laugh at something silly, or cry with people going through crisis. We can help solve a crime or tune in to see how a professional actually did solve a crime. We can help find a missing person or embrace a charity event. We decided tonight we’re going to make a bowl of popcorn and get lost in a favorite movie, or watch the news, or be immersed in a medical drama, see an award show, or turn the sound up for a concert, or find out how the housewives live their mostly scripted fake made-up lives. We can choose to be immersed in the subject matter of a show or have it on as background while you work a crossword or piece together a jig-saw puzzle. It can give us more information, fun, sorrow, and life experiences than we know what to do with.

People who plank down the ‘I don’t watch TV’ card and are in some way haughtily denigrating those of us who do are in my opinion misled. I tell you right now, they are missing out on something really great.  I totally get it if you’re too busy experiencing life to watch TV. Props for that. But for those of us who can actually squeeze boob-tube time into our schedules, there’s a cornucopia of stuff waiting for us to just press the selector button in favor of something that interests us.

What a wonderful thing having television would have been in days gone by for the elderly, shut-ins, assisted living facilities, etc. My Grandpa Warden was in a VA hospital for many years with tuberculosis and with having nothing to fill airtime but burping and the call to make potholders, television would have been simply wonderful.

TV is truly magic. Hit the button and the world comes to you however you wish to view it. Enjoy the best life has to offer, and TV is one of those things… Sandy