Cause and Effect 2016-09-19

NewbornLife is comprised of trillions of decisions and the resulting actions from those decisions, or  what I constantly refer to as the common and ever-present cause and effect.

There isn’t one thing that isn’t the byproduct of cause and effect. The second we’re born C&E kicks into gear.  Of course our decision making skills at that moment are rudimentary and innately born from human nature  of which we have no knowledge or control. However, cause and effect has jump started itself and catapulted us into this realm of our newly acquired status of existence. Whether we cry on our own or  the doctor slapping us on the behind to make us cry is our first after-born decision, it is a decision. If we cry on our own, nobody will have to jolt us into our first known reality. We’re whisked away, umbilical cord is cut, we’re cleaned up, bundled up, and handed over to our parents. The C&E of this practice is that we start our lives clean and cared for hopefully in the arms of loved ones. Otherwise if those things do not occur, there is the possibility of disease, hunger, being unloved, and not cared for. Depending on the decisions made by all parties from the conception by who gives you life or touches your life in any manner or capacity until death affects everything and anything that has to do with you, those around you, and ultimately the world as a whole.

Take the smallest thing from brushing your teeth to what you eat or how much sleep you had the night before or whether you pack a lunch or wear high heels or take the expressway to work or any and all movement and activity. One thing builds on the other. Our lives are comprised of each and every C&E decision made. Run the stoplight, get a ticket, become late for work, have to park In the back of the lot, wishing you’d worn flats because the heels hurt your feet walking the extra distance into the building and  to your desk, you have to repeat the walk to the car cursing your dang heels so you can go out and buy lunch because you didn’t pack one today, you have to stay a little later to make up for being late to work that morning, you then miss the start time of your son’s baseball game and he hit a homerun in the first inning… In other words, your day didn’t go as smoothly as you’d hoped. Nothing major, just minor irritations, it was your doing, but it still doesn’t change the day’s structure. Major decisions that affect life’s path have altogether different long-term consequences. You may pick the right job that leads to a successful career  resulting in a comfortable paycheck and all that comes with that, or you could have screwed up the interview and not gotten the job leading you into another set of life events and challenges.

Think what the world would be like without a Jonas Sauk, Claude Monet, Leonardo DaVinci, William Shakespeare, Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, Meriwether Lewis, William Clark, Abraham Lincoln, Ghandi, Mother Theresa, Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King, Babe Ruth, Barrack O’Bama, et al. All flawed individuals in their own right and controversial for sure, as are all of us; but over-all positive contributors to the human cause. Every decision they made led them to who they were and ultimately how our lives were impacted by those decisions. Of course, there are the horrifically evil and negative impactors also who  shall remain nameless in this writing whose decisions have led to unspeakable horrors.

Whatever road your life takes at an given second is a result of your decisions and the decisions of those who are part of your universe.

Striving to make kind, inclusive, thoughtful and positive decisions in your life will affect others lives, and in turn may help other’s lives, that in turn may help other’s lives. Yes, happiness is a decision.  Let’s start a contagious pandemic of positivity, y’all! Go forth and be happy… Sandy

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