Costumed Craziness? 2016-05-19

TimesSquareElmoHey, who among us have not been to the circus and seen a clown making balloon animals. Big floppy red shoes, a onesie with polka dots and ruffles, a big red nose, white face paint, and a big colorful flower that squirts water in your face. hahahaha…NOT! Then there’s the whole trick-or-treating thing where people walk around the neighborhood disguised in the dark. How awesome…NOT! Oh, I’ve been to Times Square and had my picture taken with Hello Kitty. Okay, kinda fun until Elmo shows up and grabs my behind. Hurry and take the picture already! Wait, there’s Batman going into McDonalds. So funny..NOT! We as a society have accepted random grown-ups running around in costume, wherever, whenever. Does anyone else see anything wrong with this?  Now, the TSA is hiring clowns to amuse travelers at the airport waiting in long boarding screening lines. Have we lost our collective senses here?

How can we in this day and age and social climate allow people to freely roam among the throngs in costume where they can hide any  identity, any weapon, and get away with just approaching people on the street. There are so many  things that can go wrong here it boggles the mind.  Times Square — I’m sure you have to have some kind of a permit to be among the character base making a living there, but does that mean someone can’t just get off the subway or appear from a Starbucks bathroom in an outfit the majority of people would initially think, “How cute,” only to find out they’re up to no good. Maybe a stick-up person, maybe a hitman, maybe a pervert, maybe a freaking terrorist. Who really knows? And don’t even get me started on Mardi Gras!

We think nothing of pushing our kids toward an old man with a fake beard in a red coat and pants, telling them to be so happy and excited and smile big for the camera. The demented giant rabbit at Easter hiding of all things eggs, or the huge rat passing out pizza. What?

Hey, I’m just as guilty as everyone else on this. As a young parent I was so desperate to foster the ‘fun, fun, fun,’ thang onto our kids, we  lost our complete ability to be skeptical.  The kids having a good time and wearing a smile was the ultimate quest. Let’s have some fun and go to the circus and let me get your picture with the crazy  man in make-up handing you a balloon.  Hey, kids, go sit on the old guy’s lap and smile so you can get a candy cane, etc.

I think it’s time we all came to our sense. Aren’t we just giving strangers license to be at the very least creepy, or at the most dangerous? Could we collectively give this tradition another look-see? Private masquerade parties are fine, but just to let people dress up and be among us without second thought is just downright weird… Sandy


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