Crazy for You 2016-01-15

CrazyYouCrazy – (krā-zē) ~ Full of cracks or flaws, unsound, crooked, mad, impractical, erratic, unusual, obsessed, to an extreme degree ~ Meriam-Webster Dictionary

Through my personal research I have concluded that one in every one person is crazy. Crazy, I tell ya! Of course there are different kinds and varying degrees of crazy, but we are all at least a little crazy at least some of the time.  There are those among us who are very crazy. Of course we are all aware of the bad kind of crazy often referred to as insane including clinical, homicidal, criminal, diabolical, manipulative, and psychotic. As much as those individuals are off-the-chain crazy, they don’t fit the categories I’m writing about today.

Crazy can be a good thing or a bad thing or just plain, well, crazy. Most of us aren’t aware that we’re crazy. It’s just part of who we are at that moment in time. It obviously made perfect sense on some level to us or we wouldn’t have succumbed to it. We like crazy parties. Being in Times’ Square on New Year’s Eve was so crazy. Those are the fun kinds of crazy. Good times; good times. Then there’s the ‘I can’t find my keys only to find them still in the lock in the front door all night.’ Boy, was that crazy. The dog is chasing his tail right now. He’s crazy. There’s crazy good, crazy fun, crazy funny, crazy sweet, crazy in love, crazy beautiful, crazy, crazy, crazy. Crazy takes on the roll of a descriptive adjective or adverb. We automatically know that crazy fun and crazy sweet is a good thing. We assume they had a lot of fun or the gift was touchingly sweet or the lady is strikingly beautiful.  It just means more of whatever.

Then there’s crazy often used in not a good way. Crazy boyfriend, crazy co-worker, crazy bills, crazy rules, et. all.  When paired with those words we usually know those things are not so well received.

We’re all crazy from time to time. We go off the rails when something doesn’t go our way, we act irrationally when we fall in love, we do something that we may not normally do. Others who are not crazy at the time, definitely know when we’re acting crazy. Boy, she’s gone to Crazy-Town. She likes that guy so much, she sent him a dozen roses after one date. Crazy.   Brain cramps can be crazy. I hope nobody saw me put my pen in the pencil sharpener. Crazy. When groups of people go crazy together, mob mentality may be the result. For instance, burning and looting in a city after they won the World Series. Come on, people, get ahold of yourselves! Have you lost your collective dang minds?!? Really crazy.

We usually identify crazy in someone else before we ever identify it in ourselves even if someone points it out to us. They’re telling me I’m crazy, but I think they’re crazy for thinking I’m crazy. That’s just crazy.

Once we all acknowledge that we can be crazy from time to time. We can get on with our lives in peace, harmony, self-deprecation, and humor. I know, that’s just plain crazy… Sandy