Dad Has Left The Recliner 2016-10-10


Retired folk we are. Well, retired from driving miles to work in the dark every day to sit at a desk and push the work in what was once termed ‘the paper jungle,’ and is now more like a ‘data factory.’ After 45 years of working, I finally made the decision to put myself out to pasture along with my husband of 40+ years.

My retirement from office life has still been relatively busy, only I can now sit on the couch in front of the TV with a laptop, drink coffee in the garden before tackling the chores of the day, sit with my cat while writing articles and weeding through the tens of thousands of reader comments (which I admittedly will never catch up with), housesitting my grand fur babies from time-to-time, attending school plays or ballgames my grandchildren are involved in, cookouts with the kids, do the mundane housework and laundry on a day that isn’t the weekend, and grilling out in the middle of the day.  I manage to keep occupied, let’s just say that.

My husband’s idea of the life of leisure is his recliner, his cat, an iced tea or Coke One, a big-screen TV, surround sound, and a remote control. Don’t get me wrong, he hasn’t given up on life, he has finally achieved his dream.  There’s westerns, documentaries, news, politics, weather, mysteries, crime, history, variety, music, satellite radio, reality, awards, sports, and more, lots more. All with endless topics, points of view, interests, guilty pleasures, and, get this — it’s 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year!! There’s DirecTV satellite, and streaming, streaming, streaming through Netflix, Amazon Fire Stick, YouTube, you name it! OMG binge watching is awesome! Utopia has finally been achieved. And we can have two shows on at the same time by adding a tablet or laptop to the mix while scrolling Facebook and Twitter on the latest smartphone. There is nothing so important that, “Can’t it wait until this show is over?” or “Can’t I get to it tomorrow after the Academy Awards?” Okay, I’ll give you that one.

With this being said, there is nothing so powerful as the call-to-immediate action whenever there are technical difficulties of any kind disrupting the vacuum-sealed created space of Reclinerworld.

This morning about 4:00 am as I was making a trip to the bathroom, I heard a call from the darkened living room in the vicinity of said recliner. I couldn’t immediately hear what was being said, but I thought anything being called out at this time of the day must merit some sort of alarm. I hurriedly made my way up the blackened hallway only to find my husband sitting in his recliner announcing that the sound box had gone out and couldn’t be turned on. Everything TV, satellite, and streaming related is hooked up through the sound device. What? There is no TV? How could this happen? It was fine a few hours ago.

Immediately lights are flipped on, flashlights are beaming toward the source of the trouble. The checks and balances have begun. You unhook the satellite box while I try to find the plug in the pile of wires and power bars behind the entertainment center.  After not reaching a diagnostic conclusion, we decided to go back to sleep until it was daylight, and we could contact one of our familial tech consultants, i.e. our sons.  A text was answered at 7:00 am. Hallelujah! Houston we may have a solution! As I arose for the second time I was want to find my husband who can barely get around because of his carpet-laying decayed knees hunched on the floor busily hooking and unhooking wires from the back of one thing to the back of another. He exuded cheerfulness which is not normally what is exuded at this early hour around our house until the heart is kick-started with some coffee or cola, but today, eureka! “I got the television to work! Thank goodness Jay got back to me so early! He’s the one who set this up in the first place.”

Well, thank goodness, indeed. Nothing gets Dad off the recliner as fast as something awry with our ‘window to the world.’ Whew, all is now well in the universe, the coffee is brewing, ham and eggs are cooking, cinnamon rolls are about to pop out of the oven, and the sun tea jar is ready to set out on the stoop. On with the day! … Sandy


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