Dad’s Day! 2016-06-19

imageHappy Fathers’s’ Day! In my opinion, being a father is a man who has a biological link with a child. Is that what we’re celebrating today? I would gather to say it is not.

This is more a day of celebrating that guy who takes care of their kids by helping to provide a safe, happy, and healthy home life. A provider who contributes to being certain there is food, warmth, and a comfortable place to sleep. Someone who shares in the household duties and contributes to the financial stability of their young brood. Someone who helps change diapers, ties a  mean shoelace, makes peanut butter sandwiches cut on the diagonal without the crust, organizes a backpack, folds dozens of tiny t-shirts and matches itty bitty socks fresh out of the dryer, wipes noses, holds you on his lap for hours when you have a fever, puts an arm around you when you’re having a bad day, carries a 2″ x 2″ picture of you without front teeth in his wallet for two whole decades,  signs your birthday card with X’s and O’s, pushes the swing at the park on a warm sunny day, takes you ice skating on his day off, rides along side you when the training wheels are removed from your bike, shares the last piece of apple pie adding a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top, digs into helping with homework, teaches you to drive a car, is still up when you come home from your first car date, shows you how to hammer a nail, attends as many activities and ballgames possible, brings the balloons to your graduation party, tears up when he gives you away at your wedding — in other words — a Dad.

A Dad is one giant leap for mankind above and beyond being a father. Be a Dad… Sandy

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