Eager Chameleon 2016-07-23

image“I’m an eager chameleon” – Kristen Bell on Off Camera with Sam Jones

Such an interesting concept. My interpretation of this gem of wisdom is that we may be looking for acceptance, blending in, and being whatever someone else wants us to be at the cost of losing ourselves. I can relate; can you? Breaking free of that innate mindset is a lifelong journey of twists, turns, self-betrayals, breakout revelations, soul searching, insecurity, bravery, defeat, and hopefully ultimately triumph over getting a handle on this lifelong re-evaluation of oneself.

Struggling against ourself is a difficult place to be indeed. A perfectly prosaic place, however, difficult nonetheless. Evolutionary and revolutionary thought processes and how we interact within our world throughout life is infinite. If this shutsdown,  we shutdown.

Continuing awareness of who we are and why we are is a part of maturation from birth to death. Not being self aware of how we affect others with our words or actions, or equally important how our behaviors affect us personally is an ignorant way to maneuver through life. Awareness and acknowledgment is not only logical but imperative for well being.

We are all accomplished actors in our own lives. Proceed lightly, boldly, gently, kindly, and steadfastly through each day and pay attention to who you are and the authentic person you wish to be.  Things will gradually fall into place. Personify fabulousness… Sandy

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