Father’s Day Was Yesterday

Father’s Day was yesterday. Did you miss it? Did you forget the day or did you just try to forget the father you had known or not ever met? So much controversy from person to person on how they feel about their Dad. Some gush to the max, others say they wish nothing but the worst for the guy.

Why is there such disparity and polarity among the male section of our species when it comes to fathering. Being a father is much much different than being a Dad. Some of us had a Dad while others I know did not fare so well. Even people in the same family have differing memories and opinions of the same person. It’s a puzzle for the whole of mankind that has been passed on through the centuries.

Fathers are polarizing figures in many respects. As we look upon Father’s Day, I hope your father was a great Dad, and I hope you honored him by at least sending him a text saying ‘Happy Father’s Day, Dad.’

To all the Dad’s out there, thanks for being there. To all the father’s out there it’s never too late to forge a bond with your child no matter how young or old they may be that will work to make both of you more whole. We are not our mistakes, but we are definitely our possibilities… Sandy

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