Gardens Mark Time. 2016-05-08

image“The garden is old as time and as new as tomorrow. “ Quote from commercial.

The garden is our past, present, and future. All our successes, failures, disasters, and re-birth. It can leave you in sorrow or joy. Peace or chaos. Like all things in life it is whatever you make it. Where once there was an elm tree befallen by disease a hearty baby blue spruce thrives. Where a patch of grass once grew, a beautiful rose garden now blooms. Where an old swimming pool stood above ground, a goldfish pond now bubbles. Making lemons from lemonade kind of thinking.

A garden is planted in faith. From out of nothing but dirt a red Japanese Maple, or splendid tea rosebush, or beautiful blooming pink or blue hydrangea will emerge and brighten our world a little bit. It will make things a little happier. We trust in what we know and how we would like it to eventually be while looking forward to the day when we will be able to say, “How nice.” A deed well done. Raising a beautiful plant is a parental parallel of how we raise an equally beautiful family. We birth our children each unique unto themselves, do our best to raise them, hope for the best, trust in our judgment, look forward to the day they are grown, and sit back with a cup of chamomile and say, “How nice.”

Happy Mothers’ Day to all nurturers in our lives primarily our Mom’s, but also to all other key members of the nurturing village whether male or female who may not have a special day on the calendar for helping raise our most precious worldly asset, our children. Our future world is shaped by the class and tenor of the people inhabitating it… Sandy

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