Gray is the New Black and White 2016-10-03

WorldAre you a black and white thinking aficionado? If so, it’s time to stop and reassess your thought processes. The world actually lives and breathes in the gray zone. Nothing is finite one way or the other. Black and white is not where most of the free-thinkers live. The gray zone is our bread and butter.

Those who live in black and white constructs are for the most part insufferable, all-knowing, cock-sure of themselves, borish buttheads. As a society, we don’t have just one way of thinking or doing anything. Where you live, what your history is, who raised you, who your friends are, is what makes up everybody’s thought processes. As a human being we are pre-wired complicated entities of the animal kingdom. We make things more complicated than necessary much of the time and long for the simpler and more innocent period when things were seemingly easier.  Actually, things were easier because most of us were probably wrapped in a cocoon of vapid ignorance and self-righteousness. Not to say all those thoughts and feelings are or were negative or harmful at all,  I’m just saying the rigidity of living our lives with uncontested review can indeed be as harmful for us personally, as others around us. We’re clutched in a balancing act that would rival Nick Wallenda crossing the whatever.

Throughout history the same as recently there have been several horrific incidences and events in the news where people were attacked and even slaughtered by others who think everybody else is wrong except them and their like-minded cronies. Some awful parenting mistakes have been in the headlines recently where children have suffered the ultimate consequence of the bad decision-making of their elders. People who were distracted and took their eyes off the ball. God-awful horrifying recollections of bad ideas, ideology that is so skewed toward the macabre and insane, it defies imagination of rational-thinking personage.

Trying to make sense of a lot of this is beyond worldy imagination. I, for one, cannot wrap my mind around the horror and suffering of the one or the many who befall the misfortune of being in the wrong place at the wrong time.  Man’s inhumanity to man and intention to achieve hierarchy over others has an ever present and stifling vise grip on mankind.

Please take the time to re-evaluate your lives, your loves, your rigid and righteous thinking. Black and white is only so if you make it that. Not everything fits into the slot for which you feel it was intended. Sometimes a square peg in a round hole is just what the doctor ordered. There is nothing wrong about looking at something in a new light, or stretching beyond yourself to think another way. The result may be that you end up with the same belief structure you started with, but you have learned so much about why you think or feel that way. Knowing the why is imperative in leading the way to the best and brightest version of ourselves… Sandy

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