Happy Anniversary to Me! 2016-11-28

manythanksWow, it’s hard to believe I have been online with my SunDay Gardens blog for a whole year. I knew nothing about this entire process, I just knew that I wanted to write down my thoughts, opinions, and observations, and have something to use as an outlet that did not involve burdening my poor captive-audience husband with all of it. I still do that (sorry, Hon), but I now have another avenue I find to be therapeutic.

Right from the beginning I knew I wanted it to be positive, fun, and insightful easy reading that would be short enough for anyone to be able to read on a coffee or lunch break, on the commuter train, in the carpool, waiting for your kids after practice, etc.  A welcomed distraction to kind of jump-start your imagination, outlook, and/or attitude. Trying to invoke the message of looking at things in a different way than you have before.

I didn’t have any concept of what this would mean in terms of any other human being interested or reading what I had written. I just thought it may be a good thing for me to try. Aside from a selected few, I have not had luck in getting my own family and friends to care about reading my articles (After all, it’s just Mom/Grandma/Sandy just blowing off steam again), but I am proud of the work I have done here whether it reaches the masses or not.

I can remember sitting in the doctor’s office waiting room 12 months ago looking at my page. I had 52 subscribers! Wow, 52 people have signed up to read my posts! I never expected that! Well, astonishingly enough, that number has grown to around 10,000 this year with 130,000 views and tens of thousands of comments with these numbers continuing to grow everyday. I now have people from all over the world reading this. All over the world! I’m not delusional enough to believe these to be big numbers in today’s social media climate where the  Kardashians and Taylor Swift have hundreds of millions of followers, but for me 10,000 is 10 times the size of my town.  I had so many comments to wade through that I couldn’t possibly read all of them, so I had to limit the ones I could allow and delete en masse others because I just couldn’t keep up.

I can’t tell you all how much I appreciate your following my ramblings, and am forever in your debt to allow me to open the air-vent in my brain and let the contents spill out onto the page. Thank you all so very much. I have been humbled and encouraged by your viewership, comments, and involvement in what is very personal and sanative to me. I appreciate each and every one of you.d Hope you all had a very good Thanksgiving… Sandy

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