Happy Good vs Evil Day! 2016-10-31

cat-pumpkinHappy holiday of fun, creativity, originality, quirkiness,  divaness, outrageousness, naughtiness, fabulousness, and all of the ‘nesses’. It’s a day where little girls can be a princess or a super hero, little boys can be Batman or a Lego, a nurse can be a naughty or nice, and your doctor can step out at a party as a lab-coat-stethoscope-wearing scary doctor. Grand decorations of spider webs, flying witches crushed against an oak tree, a scarecrow in denim overalls, pumpkins carved and painted in every possible way, popcorn balls, caramel apples, candy of every color and flavor all wrapped in crisp and colorful autumn deliciousness. Its a ‘let your self be silly’ time of the year.  I love it!

Then there’s the dark horror and demented madness that pervade this tradition we call Halloween. The goulish, creepy, horror-driven aspect of this holiday as well. The creepy scary clown as opposed to the sunny, funny, balloon animal wholesome clown.

It seems that this holiday more than others is a microcosm of the constant struggle between good and evil, light and dark, fun and brooding. A tradition steeped in ying and yang polar opposites. It embodies the daily life struggles we all face trying to eek out the happiness that exists in this world while bravely overcoming the dark and evil forces that are always at play.

I’d much rather pass out candy to a cute 3-year old dressed as the old man from Up than a 13-year old dressed as the guy from Scream. It’s a matter of preference, but this day is a perfect day to express yourself in a positive and fun way and not a midnight full moon werewolf kind of way.

Have fun today, and look to the light; you know, the one glowing from that carved jack-o-lantern that looks like a cat sitting by the big door draped in skulls and spiders on your front porch.

Embrace the good… Sandy


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