Honor Thy Soldier. 2016-05-30

imageMemorial Day is all about a day off, a picnic, the first swim of the summer, breaking out those flip-flops, picking a bouquet of peonies, and long walks in the park. Ummm… No it’s not.

Today we pay reverence to our fallen soldiers who have fiercely defended this and other nations on our behalf against tyranny, personal harm, and promoted freedom of spirit for all people. This is not a day about politics. This is a day about understanding the core of what we expect from our young citizens in defense of freedoms. The shining light on the hill. It gives us the ability to go for coffee, host a family barbecue, study whatever interests us, worship from the heart, be free-thinking, and outspoken. In other words — be the people we strive be. The best of ourselves. A country where you be an angel or an asshole or any and all things in between. It’s your choice.  There is no higher purpose or greater sacrifice than the soldier who served and gave their life to allow us that liberty.

We should all be infinitely humbled by the acts of those who have given their lives for us. This isn’t about government. It is about purpose, intent, and honoring our fallen soldiers today. Be proud to be in a country where a young person has willfully pledged to give their lives for the greater good so you can have that family cook-out today. God bless them.

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