I Hate Haters 2016-09-26

JerkOkay, can we all agree, people, that we hate haters. I mean we hate them, don’t we. Now there’s something we can all agree on. Moral authority to condemn the condemners.

Um, wait a minute… Did I say we hate haters? Haters of what? The haters we hate are usually those we disagree with. If we agree with the disagreer then we don’t hate them at all. We are like, “Finally, someone who says it like it is!”

Those who are always negative about everything are odious to most of us. “We totally hate them. Well, not totally, I think they’re right about this, oh and maybe that.”  It reminds me of Steve Martin as Navin Johnson in the Jerk when he breaks up with his wife played by Bernadette Peters. As he leaves the house he says he doesn’t need anything. Well maybe this as he picks up a chair, and that, as he picks up a paddleball,  continuing through the house picking up items without giving any thought to the ridiculousness of the stuff he’s carrying around. That scene is so funny and iconic because it is so absurd. Why is it absurd? Because if he had given time to think the situation through, he may have picked first and foremost a pair of pants, then maybe a spare pair of underwear, socks, toothbrush, and razor instead of illogical items relative to his circumstances.  It wouldn’t just be a knee-“jerk” reaction to the situation.

Haters are only haters when they have an opposing viewpoint. Some opposing viewpoints are ridiculous on one hand and dangerous and extreme on the other. Not all opinions are good ones. We don’t always have to voice them. Making sure everyone knows what “I” think is not necessarily the right thing for you or anybody. Butting in where we’re not wanted or needed can have undesirous consequences. Who really needs to know if we don’t like the way someone wears their hair.  Did we really have to tweet that out into the universe? It seems to me voicing that viewpoint is our attempt to passive-aggressively have the person change their look to make it more comfortable or pleasing for us.

Conversations are one thing. Condemnation and narrow-minded, pig-headed judgment is another entirely. Examine why you feel the way you do before taking the next step by reaching out to cyber-slap someone or something else for not conforming to what you want or think.  Having only our opinion in our head limits us to a monochromatic perception, and closes us off from the world’s spectrum of colors. Exchange ideas, likes, and dislikes, but don’t spew hate.

Hating haters makes us, well… haters. Being more accepting of others who are not out to do us harm might just give us a broader perspective on who they are, and in turn, shedding more light on who we are…Sandy


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