It’s Complicated. 2017-01-02

“Once in awhile in a complicated life, a girl gets lucky” – Dateline NBC

Let’s examine this uniquely complicated statement.

Luck in all it’s glory is subjective. It is completely different for everyone. For some, this means someone found their life partner; for others they are perfectly content with being their awesome single self; it could mean they got that perfect job in Cozumel; are finally able to go on a dream vacation to Disney World; a new car is sitting in the driveway, that little black dress you’ve had your eye on is 60% off and the awesome accessorizing purse and shoes were right there with the display;  the plumber showed up on time, and it didn’t cost a bloody fortune (we can dream, can’t we); your hair actually looks decent today, and you didn’t have to spend much time on it; your mammogram came out okay this year;  the line at Walmart is the shortest ever; a darling little gray girl kitty with a spot on her nose found it’s way to your door and picked yours as her adopted family; the weather just happened to not be snow and ice on the day you needed to drive to the doctor; the adventure book you ordered online came in time for your grandson’s birthday; the miniature pink rose you’ve been growing in a pot for five years bloomed inside in the middle of winter; hallelujah! the roof isn’t leaking; the small grocery store down the street actually had bags of seed for the non-migrated birds in the garden;  Dumb and Dumber showed up on the TV when you turned it on and OMG! The Jerk is on after that!;  gas for the car is creeping up but still affordable, someone heated up the lasagna for dinner for you without even asking, it is literally a circle with no end of possibilities. Keep in mind what you think is lucky may not be that to someone else at all. They may actually hate cats, think Jim Carrey is not at all funny (say what?!), haven’t worn a dress in years, and adore snow (although I am suspicious that spending time in the cold wind shoveling the white stuff is not something they regularly do).

We approach luck as though we expect things to go wrong and whenever it goes right, it’s luck. We’re lucky, she’s such a lucky person. What luck! What I’d like to do from now on is expect things to go right and when they don’t, single those moments out as unlucky. A change in mindset to an ‘I live a great life but sometimes unlucky things occur’ — you know, the sage old ‘sh*! happens’ bumper sticker seems to be a good resolution for the new year. And you all know how I feel about New Year’s resolutions. Hopefully karma or as Star Wars fans call it — ‘the force’ –will be always be with you. Fingers crossed that the unlucky moments are few and far between. Expect the best and persevere through the worst. I really need to work on living life knowing I’m intentionally blessed and not just cosmically haphazardly lucky that is for sure. See, it’s not that complicated… Sandy


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