May Day 2017-05-01

Happy May Day! I love May Day. I’m sure I told this story before, but Mom and I used to get up early on May Day when I was young, take my hand-made construction paper baskets stuffed with jellybeans and fresh-picked violets, and drive to a few of my friends houses and anonymously leave the baskets on their doorsteps,  It was always such a happy day because it meant nothing ahead but summer vacation, a roadtrip somewhere, swimming pools, playing badminton until dark, hula hoops, sleeping until 10, riding our bikes, ready books in the apple tree, and all the other freedoms that come along with not having to be somewhere every stinking day for awhile.  Full steam ahead to nirvana!

Then came graduation, working full-time, marrying, having a family, juggling all the things in life that one must deal with. May Day took a back seat. Occasionally I’d buy a little plant for everyone in my department, or something like that, but for the most part May Day was a day I’d just reminiscence about. Gone were the summer vacations in lieu of 8-5ing at the data factory, taking care of aging parents, endless baseball games, actually doing heave-ho gardening, painting the house, resurfacing the driveway, etc. Life kind of took over as it is want to do.

May Day is a lesser known and often not celebrated mark of Spring. This year though, I plan on picking myself a big bouquet of flowers from the garden, spritzing the plants in the fairy garden,  feeding the cardinals, wrens, robins, doves, and blue jays, throwing peanuts and corn out for the squirrels, plating some organic pellets for the rabbits, brewing a huge cup of sugar free vanilla latte coffee and soaking in the beautiful sights and delightful fragrance as I sit among the roses, peonies, wiegla, lilacs, hyacinths, tulips, clematis, and honeysuckle in our garden and being thankful for May Day and all it did mean and does mean to me… Sandy

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