Merry Holiday! 2016-12-19

homeWhatever your beliefs, religion, creed, color, orientation, et al, I want to wish you all a great holiday season this year and for all years after. It’s a time where every year we either like or dislike all the annual hoopla, but one thing is for sure we are all forced to take stock of it. Heads up and pay attention to where you are, where you wish to be, how you can make your life and others lives better by your words, actions, and deeds. Even if this is a particularly dastardly odorous season for you, it keeps sending a reminder that there is a better world out there for us and others if we elect to participate and spread whatever kindness, love, and joy we can muster, not just now but all the time.

The season means different things to different people. There is no right and wrong way to pay homage to the spreading of from at the least tolerance to like and all the way to love of what the time of year means to each of us. It is as individual as fingerprints. Drink egg nog, don’t drink egg nog; put up a tree, don’t put up a tree; eat the fruitcake, turn up your nose at the fruit cake;  wear an ugly sweater, don’t wear an ugly sweater (and who says they’re all ugly anyway?); buy gifts, don’t buy gifts; go to Midnight Mass, don’t go to church; bake cookies, don’t bake cookies – whatever you like, is a tradition, or means something to you is how you should celebrate.  My first thought is to let go of the stress and just take it all in. But hey, my kids are grown, and my husband and I are retired so I’ve been through all the craziness. I certainly know what that’s like. No judgments here.

If we’ve forgotten our way, the holiday season is there to remind all of us that we need to take stock of ourselves. I push avoiding the hate and fear in exchange for a better way, a better day. There are so many good people and things in this world that are often outshadowed by the constant barage of horrible news that would lead us to believe that’s all there is out there. We all know through our own daily interactions, however, that this is not the case. My wish is for the positive to shine brightly upon you all. From our home to yours, wishes for peace to you all and have a wonderful season however you wish to spend it. Try to stay warm, which is a challenge here in the Midwest, but as always we soldier through…  Sandy

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