Necessary Luxuries 2016-06-06

imageLuxuries becoming necessities. There was a time before the wheel, controlled fire, manmade housing, leather sandals, silverware, roads, paper, wagons, guns, horse saddles, cotton gin, trains, electricity, printing presses, telephones, radios, automobiles, airplanes, indoor plumbing, vacuum cleaners, televisions, and more recently computers, cell phones, smart phones, internet, streaming entertainment, and every other invention from the smallest pin to the biggest aircraft carrier.

Inventions and innovation are a human hallmark. We keep evolving and evolving. There have been amazing really amazing things developed throughout history. At each stage, each next best thing has been met with skepticism and trepidation. The most worthy brilliant ideas have been accredited to making our lives better or easier in some way. What we once considered luxuries are so intertwined into our everyday lives they are now necessities. For instance, I feel the cell phone was a necessity billions of years before it was realized. If it had been around in 200 million BC, we would have had communication devices for 200 million and 2,016 years.

I don’t subscribe to the ‘luxury’ tag put on so many things. I believe when I turn the switch, the lamp should come on, or when I push down on the handle the toilet will flush. I consider those things as basic necessities in the society in which I live. We are dependent on automobiles, phones, computers, vacuum cleaners, and many other devices that were true miracles of their time. There is no way to properly live in the environment I find myself today without these necessities. I find cleanliness, mobility,  and communication tangibles to be the most imperative.

Each societal structure no matter where has their go-to’s for everyday living. Each item produced, sold, used, no matter when or where fills a particular need for someone and helps the economy by providing livelihood for the craftsmen.

Bless creative inventors and innovators. They make the world better as it evolves and spins like a top in this huge vast expanse of universe…Sandy

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