Nice Means Nothing 2016-06-09

imageThat’s nice. She’s nice . It’s nice. You’re nice. Nice – the word thrown against the wall whenever you don’t want to put any thought into how you are or are not affected by something or someone. No effort into how you think past the most vapid nondescript word wallowing in vanilla mediocrity.

When something is nice it usually means you have no real opinion or emotion one way or another. That shirt is nice infers it’s not awful or offensive. Beyond that there is no indicator of what the shirt really is like. She’s really nice. We don’t know what that person is really like apart from they probably are pleasant. That person, however, must not have much of a personality or we would have offered up something else like she’s funny or beautiful or smart. She’s nice probably means you do not need to worry about them biting you when you shake their hand. It tells you nothing.

Nice is the zero on the emotion scale from which all things are measured either higher or lower. Being nice is not a bad thing, but I would hope to leave an impression that would make a person dig into their cache of descriptive words to come up with something a little more than ‘nice’. The power of nice lies in its ability to bring home the reality of just how little something or someone means to you.

Try living your life where you leave others with an impression of you beyond ‘the lights are on, but nobody’s home’ feeling… Sandy

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