Praying for Prayers 2016-06-27

imageThere isn’t a minute that goes by without someone somewhere asking for a prayer chain for someone or something. We all want what we want. We hope things will go the way we want them to. We pray for many many things. Thankfully, those prayers are often about someone’s well being although a tremendous percentage are for what’s personally best for me, myself, and I. We don’t want our friends and loved ones to suffer, that’s for sure. Prayers are being granted all the time.

There are also prayers not being met all the time. Is God mad at me? Does he like that other person better? Why are my prayers not being answered? I am now going to be depressed, withdrawn, and defeated in purpose because I know he has forgotten all about me. If you are a good person you know that is not the truth so don’t live as though it is your truth.

We get so caught up in the whole pray for me, pray for them, pray for this, pray for that syndrome believing we know what is the best for us that we forget who we’re praying to. Isn’t the light in the universe you’re directing your pleas to a supreme all-powerful deity for good? His looking out for your best interest should be a given. And, if I need someone else to put in a good word for me, then I haven’t been doing my part in this. Also, how do I know what your relationship is with the Almighty? If it’s not that good, maybe it’s not such a good idea that you speak for me. (LOL)

Desperation and loss of control often leads to feeling as though you have nowhere to turn except to a higher power. Is prayer the only way we are able to wrangle the attention we believe we need and deserve?

Can you imagine what it must be like having a ceaseless barrage of incoming pleas for the wishes of others? To never have a break from having to concentrate on the worthy and discard the absurd. I pray this dinner turns out good for my guests tonight or that I get the job probably wouldn’t be granted the attention world peace or a cure of cancer should.

Much of what we pray for is what we want solutions for — I don’t know what to do, Lord, I need guidance; please send me a sign. These prayers are often met by your inner self asserting its power over a situation and turning you from the horror or sadness of your situation to the promise and hope of flipping things around for yourself. Pick yourself up and keep going.

The key is to wander life’s journey with yourself in concert with your belief in God. Trust that he is occupied with real serious horrors in this world and not necessarily whether your child makes the team or not.  Our unique situations are all part of the experience. I suggest this new prayer.

‘Dear Lord, I support you in decisions you are making on behalf of all things and acknowledge that free-will can be a powerful partner or formidable adversary. I respectfully leave my personal well-being in my hands with your guidance and slough off prayers for what I personally think is the best, and embrace  what you know to be the best . I realize ‘Thy will be done’ is your will, not mine. In peace and love. Amen.’ 

Supportive prayer to God may be a better healing solution than personal situational prayer. I know deep in my heart he will do what’s best for me and others. Worrying about an outcome is a waste. Dealing with the outcome is where we need to focus energy.

Praying for the best God wants would be a revolution in prayer. Prayer and prayer chains all over the world would be a symbiotic meeting  of the spiritual minds for the uprising and triumph of good over evil in support of God and his decisions instead of millions of pieces of disconnected pleas… Sandy


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