Same-O-Same-O 2016-06-16

CMHOFWhen we are young we are often cock sure of ourselves, our beliefs, and how we feel about our world. Our friends are the best, the other people’s friends are the worst, our music is fabulous, but their’s is awful. Country?!? How can you listen to that? We have a sense of self we believe is totally right. Looking back from older eyes, we don’t really know anything until we realize we really don’t know anything. Few things are as we thought they were when we are younger. What was once our reality we now know was a facade sculpted by the innocence of youth at any moment in time. Not only are things not how we may have perceived them when younger, but they are most likely not what they were last year, last month, last week, or even yesterday.

Our lives, loves, thoughts, feelings, and frames of reference are constantly changing and evolving. If you feel there is little or no change in your life, it’s likely not because there hasn’t been change; but because you’re probably not paying enough attention.

We should always strive to keep our eyes open to what’s actually happening, not what our preconceived perceptions are. Being objectively present in our lives and constantly seeing things from different perspectives helps us grow. Growing, evolving, living, loving, evoking positive energy is all anyone can hope for. Don’t be blinded by the light, be energized by it. As for me, I’m learning to like some country music. Baby steps… Sandy

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