Spellcheck Has Made Me An Idiot 2017-04-03

Hole, everyone. I have a bone to ick with auto correct. I have gone from the spelling champion of Minier Grade School, typing leader of Standford-Minier High School, timed typing application champ for work, memorandum star, and blog writer, to idiot in chef.

I am annoyed that I can type something, and just as I’m saving it or sending it words that have nothing to do with what was originally intended appear out of nowhere changing a well-thought out text or post to pure malarkey. Malarkey I tell ya!

My friends and I are constantly sending a text then following up with another text showing the words we meant to say instead of what we had said. The keyboard on my phone is so tiny that my fingers sometimes — okay, a great deal of the time — hit the wrong letters by mistake. Instead of changing my word to something close to my intent, it seems to pick the word that is nothing near what I wanted to say.

My husband says, make sure to proofread everything before you send it. I did! Well, maybe I missed that one . Why didn’t I see that pencil is now penis or whatever? I don’t know if I rely on spellcheck or it relies on me. Chicken – egg – egg  – chicken. Tomato tomato – okay, that was stupid because it’s spelled the same way either way you pronounce it. It only makes sense verbally, but I’m sure you see my punt.

Anyway, for those of you who do text me and vice versa, we’ve come to accept that each of us are typing airheads who are in such a rush we didn’t realize our words were changed to something  scandalous or ridiculous or downright nonsensical. It can range from puzzling to funny to embarrassing, but it is part of who we are now. I’m sure my calculator just said 2+2 = 6. Wait, what? Oh, that can’t be right. The calculator said it is, so it must be. I’m sure I didn’t enter the wrong numbers.

Who doesn’t love technology. Especially the technology that makes us cotton-headed ninny muggins … Sandy

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