Thankfully There’s News 2016-07-07

imageThere’s nothing that will make a person more grateful for what they have going for them than reading, watching, or streaming the news. Just this morning there were these ‘breaking reports’ on my news alerts.

  1. Weather: Rain will begin around 11:15AM
  2. CNN: Woman and her 4 grandchildren die after being swept away by floodwaters in Texas, police say.
  3. Weather: Pollen counts are medium
  4. CNN: At least 24 people were killed and 38 others injured in a car bomb west of Baghdad, officials say.

Everyday, every hour, there is some news released that makes you think, ‘Wow, I may have challenges in my life, but I didn’t have to experience the living nightmare of having me and my grandchildren swept away by flood waters and die’. How horrific is that? 62 people were either injured or lost their lives in another senseless bombing in Baghdad. What did any of them ever do to you, Bomber Person? 24 of those people will not be able to  see their families, be productive members of society, see the world how they envision it for themselves and their loved ones ever again.  Living, breathing beings  gone in an instant of grisly supremely misguided evil cloaking itself as ‘the ultimate good.’ Yea, sure, evil idiots.

Waking up to that news made me so grateful that the pollen count was manageable, it’s going to rain some, my cat wants a pinch of catnip from the herb pot in the window, French vanilla coffee is brewed and waiting for me in the kitchen, and Jack Hannah is on television sharing animal stories. Over the moon grateful!

The world issues have often left me with  crushing anxiety and sadness. It can many times be extremely heartwarming as well, however. That whole ‘good news/bad news’ scenario. I just have to keep reminding myself that only the extremes on both ends of the scale are ‘newsworthy’. Thank goodness my life today did not cross over the median into darkness. I’m just forging ahead with life one step at a time.

Empathy is wonderful to have been gifted  into your soul. Being able to put yourself in someone else’s shoes gives you a first row seat to what another fellow human may be thinking or experiencing in their lives. I believe empathy is even more powerful than love. You may not love everything and everybody, but if you can empathize and relate to the struggle, you have a wonderfully generous core.

After a lifetime of absorbing world events into my heart, wearing them as a cape of simpatico, and thinking ‘what if that happened to me?’  I have developed a gift greater than empathy — empathy plus. I feel for those going through tough times. My heart goes out to them, and I wish whatever it is had never happened to them, then analyzing whether or not I could affect change in some way help to keep whatever it is from happening to someone else in the future. Then taking a deep breath and proceeding with my own life infinitely grateful to the powers that be that today was not my day to have the hammer hit me on the noggin.

I am now putting a smile on this aging face, pouring a hot cup of coffee, heading out to feed the wildlife in our backyard, and pick some flowers for the table.  Hopefully the rain will hold off until I can get that all done. The rest of the day will be spent idly catching up with friends and family through the miracle of Facebook, chop up some vegetables for stir fry, and settle into a rainy day of writing articles and researching heritage on with the hubby fully aware of the blessings which have not landed me on the news today… Sandy



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