The Day After 2016-12-26

Happy Day After! What was shiny and festive and new and exciting  yesterday is … well, old news today. We’re stuffed full from eating too much, the tree doesn’t have presents under it anymore, there are bits and pieces of paper here and there, the stray pieces of sparkly tinsel or glitter can be seen in the carpet fibers, the place is a mess because there are blankets on all the chairs and couches (who wants a nap?), not all the opened gifts are where they should be, we’re walking around in brand new Homer Simpson slippers, toys are out, video games are hogging the TV, we’re eating leftovers and day-old pie without whipped cream because we ran out sometime during the night, I guess, you know.. the day after Christmas!

Whatever your holiday looked like yesterday, and your day will be today, I hope for nothing but sunshine and angels for all of you. Merry Day After Christmas! Only 364 days of shopping left… Sandy

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