The ‘L’ Word 2016-06-30

image“Love you.” Do we even know what that means? It’s not about ownership over, obsession of, or sympathy for others. It transcends those feelings. It is a deep-seated passion not to be confused with emotional fog. It is truly putting your own wants, and needs aside in lieu of someone else’s. We throw out ‘love you’ to everyone in just about every situation. Lunch with the girls, drunken hugs in bars, greetings at the airport, coworker’s retirement, ending a phone call, or just about any situation imaginable.

Do we always mean we love you? Don’t we sometimes mean I like you or I really like you? How stupid would you feel while walking to your car looking back with a warmhearted wave to to your friends after a nice lunch get-together with the shout-out, “See you later, I like you guys.” (Awkwardness and chirping crickets) Change that to, “See you later, I love you guys.” The second example is met with wave backs, smiles, and you too’s. It breaks the awkwardness that would certainly exist otherwise. Like is not a strong enough emotion for making a declaration, whereas, love trumps all. It’s the big winner of emotions. Once the ‘L’ word is thrown out there it is hard not to be warm and fuzzy inside.

Dont get me wrong. — loving is ALWAYS better than the alternative. It’s certainly a bridge from dark to light. Loving most certainly makes the world a better place. I prefer to keep the exhaulted ‘love’ exclamation for people I truly believe it for. I love my family, my pets,  and close friends.

Oddly enough, I think it’s perfectly normal to emote the squishy ‘L’ word for places and things. I love Lake Tahoe, Nevada,  I just love that couch, or I just love roses. For some reason love seems to fit with those situations perfectly. It’s just people with which I seem to have reservations. You think it would be just the opposite. Curious indeed… Sandy

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