The Ole Switcheroo 2016-10-24


You know the old joke, ” Life is what happens when you’re busy making plans.”

Do you have your future planned out in your head? Set in stone? This is the way I see myself and anything contrary to that is just not going to do?

Once you’ve made your goals, sought out your dreams, and your reality is not what you thought it should be, you have set yourself up for a contrived sense of failure, frustration, unrest, and unhappiness with yourself and/or others around you.  These feelings are the result of the fault of noone and only attributable to your own imagination.

You know what you like, what you believe to be perfection. Of course, that vision is different for each and every person.

Maybe you attain that dream, now what? You must have another another dream in the making. One achieved dream surely isn’t the only one you have in your bag of tricks.

Turn the tables – maybe you don’t attain your ideal, now what?  Be prepared to switch it up, go with the flow, embrace the ‘wrong’ and see where it takes you. If approached properly, it could be fabulous for you. If turning lemons into lemonade is not your thing, find other goals, work to bring about positive change. I’m all in for the better, not the worse.

At one time, I may have thought I would live in a cute cottage by the lake with the perfect whitewashed shabby shiek accessories while petting my fluffy cat with the piercing blue eyes, rocking on the front porch as I looked out over the serene blue water.  What I got was a California ranch in a small town with one restaurant that’s closed on Sunday’s and Monday’s, and energetic athletes to raise. So instead of country sheik, I had action figures, baseballs, basketballs, brown leather, closets full of jerseys, jeans, sweatshirts, designer Nikes, ball caps, one endless game that lasted well over a decade, frozen pizzas, comedies with sophomoric humor, Powder Puff football, Monday night wrestling, the Bulls, Bears, White Sox, and Cardinals, and so much more. None of which was in my game plan. But my plan was only an idea cooked up by myself as to what I thought would bring me happiness.

The ‘Plan’ for me, however, was nowhere near what I thought I wanted. Happiness is what your reality actually is, not what your naive mind contrived. Always look at your circumstances and try to find the best in it. Things may be completely out of your hands as to how your life will eventually unfold. Be prepared to accept that God may have a better plan for you than you have for yourself.

That guy you were crazy about left you? There’s probably a better situation for you in the future that may or may not have someone else in the blueprints. That house you thought you wanted so badly but couldn’t afford burned to the ground from faulty wiring you learned later. Those shoes to die for that you couldn’t afford may have given you blisters, etc.

Forever and always look to the future, make good decisions, and always be open to the universe pulling the old bait and switch on you. Not only do I have a good life, been married 40+ years, have children and grandchildren I love and am  proud of, and have good friends, but I have good memories for the most part. Keep an open mind and an open heart. Write down your happy and positive thoughts and the things you are grateful for or make you happy or bring you joy. Things may just work out after all.

And that restaurant that’s only open 5 days a week has the best fried chicken this side of the Mason-Dixon Line. Thursday’s are all you can eat… Sandy

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