This is My Prayer 2017-01-16

A new year! A new you! A better us! We all strive for these goals every day, but especially when faced with a brand spanking new year of possibilities and promises to ourselves and others. Some we’ll keep, some we won’t. Not slipping backward is the ultimate goal though right?

I wrote the following prayer years ago, and thought I’d share it with you all today as part of a daily ritual starting this year. There are two parts; one is for the driver; the other is for everyone. I recite one or both parts of this every single day whether staying at home or traveling in the car.  My wish is for it to impact your everyday life.

SunDay Gardens Drivers’ Prayer

Good morning, Lord.
Please bless our trips today and make them uneventful and get us to our destinations safe and sound. Please bless this car, it’s mechanics, tires, brakes, and all parts; and the driver and their ability to drive safely, wisely, and alertly. 
Please put a bubble of protection around me, my friends and family members today and make us better stewards of your word through kindness, compassion, love, empathy, sympathy, truth, trust, patience, perseverance, and understanding. Thank you.

Do I always hit these marks? No, absolutely no; but just beginning the day alerting myself to these being underlying goals to all activities and commitments going forward at least hits the reset button in the morning. It’s not always the big things, but the itty bitty things that can make a difference. A smile and a nod to the store clerk, buying a co-worker a cup of coffee and a giant muffin, putting a couple of dollars in a birthday card, adding a $1 to a grocery bill to help feed the homeless, tossing a couple of quarters in the red kettle,  dropping off a turkey at the local mission, donating a can of vegetables to the local food drive, a couple of pairs of socks and a blanket to the church collection for the homeless, etc.  I read a post today about someone in our town who went into a local restaurant and gave everyone working that shift an envelope with $50 in it for the holidays. That’s not something we can all do, but whatever small thing you CAN do — it all adds up.  It’s worth thinking about anyway.  Have a good day and a blessed New Year! … Sandy

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