Valentine, Are You Out There? 2017-02-13

Valentine’s Day is tomorrow, y’all! I love to love Valentine’s Day. Wear red, flowers arrive with a whistling wolf call greeting card clipped to the delivery, get to go to dinner or order a heart-shaped pizza at home, chocolates (oohhh chocolates!), balloons, teddy bears, going to the theater or watching a sappy movie at home, spreading candy heart messages all over the desks of people at school or work, smiling (smiling is my favorite!), and get smiles back, hugging, and kissing all around. It’s a day to be generally happy and not miserable.

I know Valentine’s Day started out to be a thing for couples, but I believe it has transitioned into something much more than that. Good will toward others and the sense of kum bah yah fills the air.

If you don’t have that one true love, that one special person in your life right now, don’t get all down in the dumps because it’s a day where everyone is loved. You are loved, and we made up a holiday to drive that point home. Don’t sit on the couch in the dark watching CNN with a cup of noodles feeling sorry for yourself. Instead turn on a light and let this day from now and evermore mean that mankind has stopped what it’s doing today to let you know that you are a Valentine of the world in which we all exist. Lighten up, smile, pet your cat, hug your loved ones, send a text with nothing more than a happy face or an I’m thinking of you message to somebody in your life, or maybe get out an old box of pictures and look through them.  If you have nobody in your life, you now know what your goal is for next Valentine’s Day. That doesn’t mean you have to be dating or engaged or married or anything like that, it means you hopefully have a friend you can smile with.  Always remember, God has a better plan for you. This special day is meant to be loving and fun. Embrace it… Sandy

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