We’re Killing It! 2016-03-13

Having been in this world for many decades and following the news and current events, I have truly learned there are so many things that can do a person or a town or a civilization in. There’s disease and illness, accidents or injuries, famine, drought, huge weather events, lightening, sinking boats, malfunctioning airplanes, bad politics and politicians, et al. There’s enough stuff to kill us without also having to worry about other people in our world trying to do us in as well.

Murder –murder is a man-made disorder. What makes a murderer? A person who is experiencing rejection, bitterness, jealousy, hatred, covetous thoughts, greed, revenge, intimidation, obsession. rage, lack of respect, loneliness, fantasy, sadism, power, unbridled obsession, or any of the other infinitely layered triggers driving the behavior. The act is usually prompted by a distinct break with reality where the killer believes whatever they they think or feel supersedes what the other person thinks, feels, or believes. A distorted view of the situation at hand, a mental disorder of some kind, complete narcissism,  deep-rooted self-centeredness, and intense ignorance driving their behavior. They can always rectify their behavior to themselves or as I pointed out in a previous article, anything can be justified or justifiFRIED as I call it. Because the excuse is by and large usually cooked up to meet their own psychotic need.

Was he or she insane? Can they use the insanity defense? Maybe they didn’t realize the result of their brutal attack would result in murder. There are many degrees, angles, and motivations at play when discussing the who, what, when, where, and ultimately WHY? It’s my contention that no matter what the reason, the person committing the act is insane. They have taken on their own wants and needs above someone else’s. But, the law also has differing degrees of insanity as well. Did they know right from wrong? Well, unless there is a severe severe severe mental anomaly, they should know the difference. No matter what the reason or the degree or the outcome of the courts — murder is murder. It is a final act from which there is no return. Whomever believes they had a right to terminate another human being must have a core belief that they matter, and they alone.

EXCEPT when it comes to self-defense. Defense of oneself against harm and danger is our ultimate right. Making situations appear to be self defense, concocting fabrications about why we feel we may have been in danger is not self-defense — it’s egocentric. If there is truly an evil doer threatening your peace of mind and is an immediate threat to you, then by all means, defend yourself!

Choose your situations, friends, and significant others very carefully. Don’t be overly out there to attract attention to you or your stuff. Whatever you feel is valuable to you is probably going to be valuable to someone else. I’ve always said you never know who is in line before and after you at the store. Famed boyfriend killer, Jodi Arias, was in front of someone contentedly shopping for their own groceries while she was checking out huge gas cans at Walmart to drive hundreds of miles to slaughter Travis Alexander. Always be aware of your surroundings and the people who surround you.

My prayer for the world is to never intentionally embark on a murderous path. Love, money, religion, and power are four of the biggest triggers. If you are so involved in your own feelings about someone else having done you wrong to the point where your reaction is to terrorize them or end their existence in this world, throw that thought and all that anger in the garbage with Oscar the Grouch. Get rid of it. Seek therapy, friends, support groups, books, scented candles, meditation, sweet smelling flowers, etc. Deep six the rejection and negativity.

Hey, having someone make you feel small or useless or unloved happens to nearly everyone at some time in their life. Keep in mind the person you may be scheming to eliminate was once someone’s bundle of joy from the hospital, and pretty much guaranteed to have family and friends who knew them before you did. You don’t have the right to throw someone off the side of a mountain or bash their head in and throw them in the trunk of a car, or any other number of ways to terminate a life. Involve the law if you must, but don’t kill someone because of what they have, how beautiful they are, how much you wish they still loved you, how much life insurance they have, not being able to see the children, or whatever your skewed beef is. Revenge is not sweet, it is chilling and outrageous. Walk away. Just walk away.

If any of this describes you, quit patterning your rational thought processes by following something or someone you saw in a movie or a television program. The producers have to continually pump out devious, destructive, and shocking behavior, or nobody would watch. I mean, who wants a show about somebody getting up and going to work, stopping at Starbucks for a skinny vanilla latte, picking up lemons for tonight’s salmon dinner, helping the kids with their math homework, or attending a sporting event where the child is a bench-warmer. That’s everyday life, and nobody would ever watch that. It has to have an arc of interest or something out of the ordinary to draw people in. The shows are there for entertainment and escape from the norm, not to get ideas on how to live your own life.

Any of us can act like a cunning and devious lion on the prowl with the dark intention of going in for the kill.  I mean, a male lion will kill the cubs of a lioness he wants to mate with just so he doesn’t have any children in his pride that aren’t his. A sobering and brutal reality in the animal kingdom. We, however, are not basic animals. We’ve been gifted with an intelligence to help us circumvent demented conduct such as this. Rising above the hate and anger is really the ultimate high order of the human condition. Be the light, not the dark… Sandy


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