White Rabbit 2017-04-17

Happy Easter, a day late, everyone! It’s that time of year when we are all so confused over what’s going on that we need a few tulips and magnolia blossoms to bring us some sanity.

Easter is a Christian tradition celebrating Christ rising from the dead and ascended into heaven. But why it’s on a different date every year is confusing. Not only is it a different date, but it’s a way different date. One year it’s in March, the next it’s in the middle of April, or whatever. The humans who put this timeline together must have been drinking a little too much communion wine. Just sayin’.

Then there’s the coloring of the hard-boiled eggs. Why eggs and why color them? Ok, they’re pretty, but spreading food around in the yard for one of the kids to find is an odd thing. And… are we looking to Big Bird to scatter them around? No, we’re hooking up with a large white rabbit (I believe Grace Slick had a whole different idea of what that was) with a bow tie ‘secretly’ sneaking around tucking said eggs into cubbies in the grass where on any other day we’d tell the children not to pick their food up off the ground. Not only are their eggs starting to spoil in the sun, but there are baskets with that idiotic horrible green plastic grass that is equivalent to the dang icicles on the Christmas tree of old leaving their mark for months and screwing up the vacuum cleaner. Here’s your beautiful basket full of sugar, now let’s take a picture and head for church. Hey, settle down, kids! Don’t make me turn this car around! Praying the whole time to be able to turn the car around.

Ahhh… Easter, that holiest of holy Christian celebrations that has somehow somewhere been taken over by Jimmy Stewart’s imaginary friend, Harvey.

Hope you all enjoyed your holiday, had fun, connected with family, ate lots of deviled eggs and are carrying an egg salad sandwich in your lunchbox today, and are joyous of the light within you and the coming of Spring… Sandy

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