Kindness is a Great Thing 2017-05-22

People are so much more than just the last few years of their life. Although a majority of the people at a funeral know the deceased by their last few years, an entire life as been lived encompassing many different adventures, roles, accomplishments and tasks.

If you come upon an elderly person who seems to be out of shape, grouchy, hard of hearing, wacky, or whatever else you see them as. Know this, you only see a small slice of the whole pie. Be kind to everyone along the way, especially to the elderly. They’ve probably had some bad breaks and could use a smile, a good morning, an open door to the restaurant, a free latte, or whatever other grace can be floated their way. There is beauty and peace in the simple things.

We all have problems, commitments, pressing engagements, work, kids, a lawn to mow, etc., but a gentle manner directed toward a stranger is never a bad idea. Do something nice… Sandy

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